Dear Residents of Wilson County:

Over the past decade, Connally Memorial Medical Center’s (CMMC) Board of Directors has been committed to delivering the best healthcare in the State of Texas. The Board’s ongoing focus on providing healthcare services that benefit Wilson County citizens has led us to the decision of developing a high-quality, standardized, county-wide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system over the next year. This project is crucial to the health and safety of area residents both today and well into the future.

Our vision is to create the best EMS system in Texas and we are on the path to do so. Our commitment is to provide Mobile Intensive Care Units, the highest level of emergency care, to all areas of the county. We will invest in the necessary training and education for our ambulance providers and ensure the proper certifications and licensures are in place. Our team of providers will use Definitive Patient Care Guidelines and patient choice to determine the best routes for patient care. We will use CMMC resources to make sure that standardized, modern medical equipment is available on all ambulances and that there is a well-thought-out capital replacement plan to accommodate Wilson County’s future growth. We have elected to fund the capitalization and first year of operations of this project through a $0.03 per $100 tax increase that will be in effect until FY 2019. The impact of this increase on the average Wilson County property is about $50 per year. It is anticipated that residents of existing Emergency Service Districts (ESDs) will likely see a decrease in their taxes in 2018 as this transition occurs.

In studying this project, the CMMC Board of Directors has done what it always does: completed an analysis of the problem, presented concepts to solve it, heard from community leaders, and studied the resources needed to accomplish the task. The Board actively discussed and debated these topics, invited public input through posted meetings, and when research and due diligence was complete to the satisfaction of the Board we voted in favor of proceeding. The CMMC Board of Directors is confident of the organization’s ability to achieve this vision because this Board and management team has a history of successful service-line implementations. Each of these projects have begun with a simple idea which evolved into a vision, a budget, and action items. The CMMC Board of Directors, elected to represent the residents of Wilson County, have repeatedly acted to put patient’s needs at the forefront of CMMC’s mission to ensure high-quality healthcare throughout the region and this EMS project is an excellent example of that commitment.

CMMC’s Board of Directors invites you to learn more about its plans and commitment to developing an outstanding county-wide EMS system. We encourage you to learn more about CMMC’s efforts by clicking on the links below. We welcome you to contact us or attend our Board meetings where you will see the diligent effort this body puts into ensuring the future health of area citizens.

CMMC Board of Directors

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