The newest member of the CMMC Imaging family has arrived! Meet SeeMore, the Siemens Mobilette XP Hybrid portable X-Ray unit.


As modern medicine advances, looking inside of the body has become easier and safer. Designed with quality and details in mind, this machine is lightweight, portable and boasts exceptional image quality. This machine is very maneuverable and compact; very important when the technologist has limited space around the patient’s bedside.  Using SeeMore in combination with our Computerized Radiography (CR) units ensures the availability of electronic images for physician review within minutes. The most unique feature of this advanced mobile X-ray, however, is the design. Patterned after a giraffe, SeeMore is ready to see people of all ages!


While portable X-ray is not a new concept, SeeMore is a nice step up from his predecessor. Previously, technologists had a very old and cumbersome unit that earned its rightful place in the history of CMMC; but was far beyond its retirement date.  The old way of doing portable x-rays involved using film, a wet film processor, and a darkroom.  Now, SeeMore manages to put a smile on all the folks he encounters, brightening everyone’s day, even if just a little.


With Connally Memorial’s focus on growth and improving the quality of care available to Wilson County residents, SeeMore is just the latest example of how CMMC is staying on the forefront of imaging technology.