Connally Memorial Medical Center offers a rotation of specialists with our Multi-Specialty Clinic is located at 497 10th St. Suite 203 Floresville, TX 78114.

The Multi-Specialty Clinic is open Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm. Please call (830) 393-1750 for more information or for a monthly calendar.

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah, Nephrology 210-226-2001

Dr. Suneetha Challagundla, Hematology/Oncology 210-595-5300

Dr. David Holck, Oculoplastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery 210-495-2367

Dr. Lyssa Ochoa, Peripheral Vascular Disease & Surgery 210-610-7283

Dr. Sharon Sra, Ophthalmology 210-829-5755

RFSA Dermatology, Dr. Rainey & Dr. Finklea 210-901-9353

Dr. Samuel Stevens, CMMC Pain Management 830-393-1400

Dr. Praveen K. Thangada, Neurology/Elctromygrapher 210-403-2074

Dr. Fernando Trujillo, Ophthalmology 210-538-2020