On March 30, 2014, the nation celebrated National Doctor’s Day – a day devoted to honoring those who have chosen to dedicate their professional education, experience and very lives to the improved healthcare of others. Connally Memorial Medical Center would like to publicly recognize and thank all of our local physicians for their skill and compassion, shown throughout the year to those within CMMC’s service area.


The Wilson County region is indeed fortunate to be home to some very special individuals whom have chose to become physicians because of their desire to heal the sick and the wounded, their drive to improve the overall health of our community and, ultimately, make a positive and meaningful impact upon all of our lives.


We at Connally Memorial Medical Center are proud to support these special professionals in their pledge to better the state of health of the many residents of Wilson County and the surrounding region.  When you next are in need of healthcare services, wherever the location, please join all CMMC employees and affiliates in recognizing and thanking those physicians for the tremendous work that they do every day.  While the celebration of National Doctor’s Day lasts for just day, our gratitude for their skills, sacrifice, and compassion lasts all year.


Doctors Day