At the March 6th board meeting, it was voted to amend the Hospital’s capital budget to include the purchase of two 36 inch hyperbaric oxygen chambers and other equipment that would be needed to bring hyperbaric and wound care services in-house for Connally Memorial Medical Center. “Our investment in the Wound Care Center is an investment in our community,” stated Connally Memorial CEO, Jerome Brooks. “Our goal remains that Connally Memorial is the first choice for health care for the citizens of Wilson County and we believe this puts us one step closer to that.”

The new hyperbaric chambers are significantly larger and therefore provide a more comfortable environment for our patients. The chambers have state of the art safety features and the operator, Rick Cantu, LVN, is always next to the patient during treatments.

“Connally management really showed their commitment to quality patient care by acquiring the best hyperbaric patient treatment chamber available,” Cantu says. “No other hospital in the country can claim they have a more modern or capable chamber than the units at Connally Memorial Medical Center.

 The first patient to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the new chambers was Ms. Tillie Titzman. “They have always treated me very well here,” Ms. Titzman stated. “They call me their ‘Star Patient’.” Ms. Titzman was referring to the the staff of the hyperbaric and wound care center that have been there for several years and recently became employees of Connally Memorial Medical Center.