We’re Smoke-Free Because We Care

As a health care organization, Connally Memorial Medical Center is committed to the health and safety of our patients, guests, and team members. One of the most significant contributors to serious health problems like heart disease, stroke, and cancer is smoking, and second-hand smoke has been shown to contribute to the health problems of those around us. That’s why Connally Memorial Medical Center is a totally smoke-free environment.

Q: Why has Connally Memorial Medical Center banned tobacco use from our campuses?

A: Connally Memorial Medical Center is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the communities we serve. By being completely smoke-free, we are furthering our mission and in doing so, we are setting the example of wellness and prevention that is important to our patients, team members and community. Implementation of smoke-free campuses sends a clear message of Connally’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Q: What does smoke-free campus mean?

A: Smoking and the use of tobacco products (includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff and pipe smoking) are not permitted by anyone on any property owned, rented, or leased by Connally Memorial Medical Center.

Q: To whom does the policy apply?

A: All persons, including team members, volunteers, students, patients, visitors, vendors, contractors and others who work in or visit hospital buildings, parking lots and grounds.

Q: Where on the campuses does the smoke-free policy apply? Is smoking allowed inside cars?

A: Tobacco use is prohibited on all areas of the campus, inside and outside, including inside cars that are parked on hospital property.

Q: Do team members, patients and visitors have to quit using tobacco?

A: No. Hospitals are not forcing anyone to quit. This policy means individuals can’t use tobacco products on hospital property.

Q: What about individual rights?

A: Hospitals want to maintain a healthy environment for patients and visitors, as well as for team members. For this reason, we ask that individuals refrain from using tobacco products on our campuses.

Q: Why don’t you have smoking huts that are designated outdoor locations?

A: Smoking and secondhand smoke are known health hazards. As a health care institution, we are committed to not just healing illness, but also to promoting wellness. Allowing smoking on our campus, even in designated areas, is not consistent with this commitment. We do not want our patients, visitors and team members to be exposed to secondhand smoke while on our campuses and grounds.