Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! You are probably working hard on your resolutions, and that’s a great thing! Resolutions are a time-honored tradition because they signify a fresh new beginning and hope for better things to come. We hope you are focusing on your health.

No matter what time of year it is, making a decision to improve your health can make a big difference in your quality of life. Helping you to improve your health and well being continues to be at the top of our list every single day of the year.

Memorial Medical Center (CMMC) remains committed to being your first choice for health care. Our medical staff and dedicated employees can seamlessly provide you and yours with the convenient, quality health care that you all deserve.

At CMMC, we have made big changes for the better and there’s more to come this year. In 2012, we acquired more than $1 million in new clinical systems, including digital CT imaging, surgical equipment and upgraded information systems.

Last year, we also opened the Connally Memorial Primary Care Clinic and the Connally Memorial Cardiology Clinic. We welcomed new medical staff members to our community and enhanced our affiliations with several physicians practicing in nearby communities.

These physician recruitments and affiliations continue to strengthen the overall quality of care close to home. And, we expanded our social media presence because so many of you are actively engaged there. We are thrilled that many of you have already become our Facebook fans and we look forward to hearing from you there.